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Jalapeno Chillies

 Aged to Perfection

Barrel Aged, Never Cooked.

Our chilli sauces are matured in oak barrels for up to 3 years and hand-churned each day. Whether it's wine, whiskey or our sauces, all authentic flavours require dedication, time  and patience to develop their smoky, woodsy overtones. 

For centuries, viticulturists (winemakers) have known that naturally fermenting products in oak barrels infuses a complex flavour profile into its contents.


We use similar methods to create our artisanal, chilli products. Each cultivar is handpicked and sun-ripened under the scorching heat of the Little Karoo, before carefully being blended into oak vats along with the finest natural ingredients: deeply-hued apple cider vinegar, aromatic garlic cloves fresh from the farm and crystal clear spring water piped straight from the heart of the Langeberg. Our casks are reused, and sourced from local wine and whisky distilleries, which imparts a mild, tannic undertone to our sauces,

Jumping Jackal Products
dried chillies

Make Every Meal a 5 Star Experience

Flavour for Any Occasion

Whether it's carefree brunches with family, casual summer's day braais, formal dinner soirees  with the in-laws, cocktails with co-workers or entertaining friends with a daringly spicy dessert, there's a Jumping Jackal product that is sure to impress.


Did you know: Chillies are thought to stimulate weight loss and make you burn more calories than usual. This is due to the fact that capsaicin reduces your appetite, and raises your metabolism by increasing your body's core temperature during digestion.

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dried chillies
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