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Jumping Jackal Sriracha Sauce- 

Straight from field to fork.


Handcrafted, from only the finest quality ingredients, locally sourced and produced in the  Heart of the Little Karoo, using sustainable farming methods. We grow our chillies and garlic ourselves, to help ensure their freshness and keep our environmental footprint low.

In addition to our stern quality checks, we only use century-old fermentation methods -and a secret family recipe developed by Johan Carstens in his farm kitchen. After much tinkering and experimentation, Johan and his wife Elsjé hit upon a winning recipe which was intended only for friends and family, but the final product was too good to not share.

 Our fermentation process requires much dedication and care, as it takes between six months to over a year to produce each batch-which is meticulously aged in Oak barrels, much like a fine wine- except spicier. Every day the sauce is churned and checked for imperfections, sometimes we do this several times a day- depending on the temperature and the seasons.

Our products are healthy, chemical free, preservative free,  and MSG free- natural just tastes better! No additives were used in the making of this product. Did I mention that we only use pure, unadulterated spring water? It makes all the difference!

And the name?

We live in an area with a relatively large population of jackals and our neighbouring sheep farmers are not always kind to them. One day, our founders (Elsjé and Johan Carstens) discovered an injured  jackal that had been ensnared on the perimeter of the neighbouring farm, they saved it, helped it recover so that it is free to leap again- and the rest is history (our sauces aren’t the only thing with  a bite).



Our company has grown, and as such we have relocated to a bigger processing and packing store on our farm, and since we now have more space we are cooking up some new developments. For instance;

Some new and exciting flavours are undergoing fermentation so that we have a variety of tasty and artisanal sauces for all you chilli fans (or should I say hotheads) out there. We hope to have these all-natural flavours available by Spring.


We also now offer pasteurised sauce. Why choose pasteurised? Our fermentation process allows only healthy microbes to grow, and so we pasteurise rather than sterilise to ensure that we keep as much good bacteria as possible- (as keeping the good prevents the bad from being able to develop). In addition, pasteurisation requires lower temperatures which means that the enzymes and molecular bonds in our sauces do not denature- which is also why we take the time to do a slow fermentation, rather than just using heat to speed up the process. We believe that perfection takes time, and  our century old methods encapsulate that mentality.

Most importantly, our family and business has grown, and we have now partnered with  JD and Leana van Deventer- who are neighbours of ours and generation-old fruit farmers. Not only is farming in their blood, but they share our same dedication and passion for quality. Originally beekeepers and a stone fruit nursery, their knowledge of bee-friendly farming has been instrumental in the development of a Greener Future here at Jumping Jackal.



According to the Scoville index, our red Sriracha sauce is relatively mild and can be enjoyed by all chilli connoisseurs.

Whilst mild, it still packs a bite- as our natural fermentation process ensures that this mouthwatering product lingers on the tongue- unforgettable on the tastebuds.


We are also in the process of creating new and hotter variations of our Artisanal products, using Habanero, Thai, Cayenne and other chillies- because some like it hot!


Whilst the flavors and Scoville ratings of our sauces may vary, there are some commonalities our sauces all share;


- Our products are uncooked, preserving those delicate molecular bonds and enzymes that only a naturally fermented product has

 We ensure  highest quality from field, to farm, to bottle to table.

I am sure that you will agree that all these qualities make for an unbeatable product of the highest calibre. 


Rietvlei Number 1, Route 62 Montagu

P.O Box 138, Montagu 6720, South Africa

+27 (0) 64 772 6055




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Friday: 8am - 12pm

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Barrel- Fermented Sriracha Sauce

Established 2016

+27 (0) 64 772 6055


Rietvlei Number 1, Route 62 Montagu, South Africa

P.O Box 138, Montagu 6720,