Our Products:


Jumping Jackal Sriracha Sauce- Our Jumping Jackal Sriracha sauce is a unique twist on the original sriracha recipes, as we have opted for a low-sugar version of this popular sauce, as well as using a fermentation method involving recycled oak barrels to produce a slightly woody flavor (as opposed to being cooked).

Our Sriracha Sauce has no artificial preservatives or colourants, and so the sauce colour does vary depending on how late in the season the chillies were harvested (the earlier chillies tend to be slightly more green, which produces a more muted red colour than that of the later crops.

This sauce is a great addition to egg dishes,  Asian-style meals, Thai cooking, curries and more.

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Jumping Jackal Karoo Jalapeno Sauce- This is currently our medium heat sauce and predominantly consists of Jalapeno Chillies.

Some of our customers pour this sauce over everything, but we recommend that you pair this sauce with fish dishes, Chicken or even vegetarian dishes *
*All of our products are completely vegan so it is safe for vegan consumption.


Jumping Jackal Caribbean Karoo Sauce-This sauce is a blend of fresh Karoo Peaches and Habanero Chillies that creates a fruity yet spicy chilli sauce that has just a hint of sweetness. It is a moderately spicy sauce, which is currently our hottest sauce.

The sweetness of the peaches helps prevent the bitterness of the Habaneros from being overpowering, which is often the problem with traditional sauces.

Pairs well with seafood, vegetables or meat  and poultry dishes.


Jumping Jackal Gift Pack- This Gift pack is the perfect present for that hot-head in your life (and by that I mean chilli-conniseur).

It consists of  3 125ml bottles of each of our flagship sauces:

  • Jumping Jackal Sriracha Sauce

  • Jumping Jackal Jalapeno Sauce

  • and Jumping Jackal Caribbean Karoo Sauce

Each bottle has a convenient flip-top lid and is covered in a tamper-proof wax seal for a longer shelf-life.


Jumping Jackal Mayonnaise- Our Mayonnaise products are vegan and come in handy, squeezey-bottles for easy application.

-Jumping Jackal Garlic Jalapeno Mayo (far left) is a tangy yet garlicky, mild mayo that has a garlic flavor for that extra zing. It also has a hint of mustard for that subtle bite.

-Jumping Jackal Sriracha Mayo is a blend of Sriracha Sauce and mayonnaise. It is moderately hot.

-Jumping Jackal Jalapeno Mayo is a blend of  Jalapeno Sauce and Mayo, it is perfect for those chilli connoisseurs that don't like too much garlic.


Jumping Jackal Salt-based Products- 

Our salt-based products come in two sizes:

-One is perfect for using to make rubs and marinades, whilst the other consists of a large, reusable glass grinder which is perfect for  grinding chilli salts onto your food before serving.

We have 2 salt based products:

-Jumping Jackal Sriracha Sea Salt Flakes (which comprises of salt flakes and sundried Sriracha Sauce). This is perfect for meat rubs or marinades.

-Jumping Jackal Himalayan Salt (a mixture of  sundried Sriracha and himalayan salt crystals). A fantastic addition to any meal.

We also have jars of sun-dried chillies as well as a number of fresh chillies (Thai, Cayenne, Habanero and Jalapeno)* available for purchase.


Jumping Jackal Jalapeno Pickles- 

Our Jalapeno pickles come sliced or whole, and can be used to make poppers when chillies are out of season.

We have 3 weights available, either a 5kg catering tub with a net weight of 2.3kg's whole Jalapeno's (slightly more if pre-sliced), a 500g tub or a smaller 100g glass container.